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Chain Tensioner ATC70 78-85
New -35 %
Brand: ATC Heaven
Here is a repro chain tensioner to suit std model ATC70This item is long discontinued from Honda but now available exclusively from ATC Heaven.Features rugged construction and smooth operating made in Japan roller bearing. Suits ATC70 78-85..
us$65.00 us$99.50
Footpeg Step Guard ATC70 78-85
Hot -32 %
Looking for decent used step guards for your 2nd gen ATC70, just get these great new repro guards and problem solved. These have been tooled using NOS samples so they fit perfectly. Sold as a pair Suits ATC70 78-78, also may work on TRX70 models.Original part number 50610-957-000, 50620-957-000..
us$95.00 us$140.00
Grab Bar ATC70 78-85
Hot -24 %
Nice reproduction grab bar. Chrome plated steel tubing just like the original. If your grab bar is bent, rusted or even missing then this is for you. Suits ATC70 78-85...
us$59.00 us$78.00
Oil Seal Set ATC250R 85-86
-40 %
Brand: ATC Heaven
This oil seal set contains all the seals required to service your ATC250R water cooled engine. 8 piece kit including water pump seal. Do it right the first time with this quality seal set made in Taiwan. Suits ATC250R 85-86, TRX250R 86-87...
us$39.00 us$65.00
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