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Brand: Wide Open
Anodised aluminium cable adjuster, suits most models with smaller 8mm cable. Alloy construction makes these light weight and resistant to corrosion. Great replacement for chewed out or rusted adjusters..
Brand: Wide Open
This is a replacement Clutch LeverFits TRX400EX 99=07Note:  image shown is not correct for this item...
Brand: Wide Open
This is a replacement Hand Brake Lever for right side front brake application.Fits TRX200/D 84 and 90-96, TRX200SX 86-88, TRX250 RECON 97-05, TRX300/FW 88-00, TRX300EX 99-03, TRX350/D 86-89, TRX350 RANCHER 00-05, TRX400EX 99-05, TRX400FW, TRX450S/ES 95-04, TRX450R 04-05..
This is a replacement hand brake cable to suit ATC70 models from 78-85. Listed for all second generation model ATC70s. good for use when using hi rise handlebarsextended 75mm (3")  length..
Brand: Honda
OE Honda replacement lever. Suits ATC70 73-83, CT70 69-74, NA50 79-81, NC50 77-83, PA50 78-83...
Brand: Honda
Need a new brake arm for your second gen ATC70, here it is. Genuine Honda item so it will fit and function perfectly.Suits ATC70 78-85..
Gear Selector Shaft  ATC70 73-85 | TRX70 86-87 | Z50/R 77-87
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
If you are experiencing problems with hard shifts and gear lever that won't return to centre could be your gear selector shaft is bent.This is a common problem on the ATC70 and only takes an impact with a solid object to bend this shaft. Additionally the spline can become stripped due to poorly fitt..
Replace that worn or binding cable now before it gets you into trouble. Running a worn cable is dangerous and should be rectified before operating your ATC. This Cable suits ATC250ES 86-87, TRX250 Late 85 - 87...
Get this reproduction throttle cable for your ATC90. Has black outer casing.Suits ATC90 74-78Please note, Image shown is not correct for this item..
Get this nice reproduction handbrake cable to make your brakes work again, after time handbrake cables can become siezed and will not allow your brakes to function. or even worse they jam on holding the brakes engaged which robs power and causes advanced brake wear. This remade item will replace you..
Be sure and replace your throttle cable at the first sign of binding or resistance. This cable has no carb cap so can work with aftermarket carbsSuits ATC250R 86 ModelsNote: Image shown is not correct for this part..
Brand: Wide Open
This is a rubber Hand Brake Lever Tip goes on the end of the brake lever. Fits ATC90 70-78(complete lever shown in pic but part is only end rubber tip)..
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