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Intake Related

This section allows you to search for all Intake related parts. Manifolds, Heat Insulators, Fuel Taps, Fuel Hose, Fuel Line Clips

Need a new air box for your ATC70, here is a reproduction air box that fits the bill, It is exact in almost every way however the mount brackets are different so you will need to do some tweaking, Make some new brackets, use rubber bands or chewing gum, its up to you.Comes complete with new filter, ..
Correct Air Box Hose clamp used to secure air box hose to carb inlet flangeSuits ATC70 73-85, Z50 76-81..
This is the chromed nut that secures the cylinder head coverReplace those ugly mangled or corroded dome nuts with these shiny new replacement. After all who doesn't like shiny nuts.ATC70 models originally were fitted with 3 dome nuts and 1 hex nut but no reason you cant fit a new set of 4.Sold in pa..
Inlet Manifold ATC250R 85-86
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Brand: ATC Heaven
2-Stroke intake manifolds are something that never gets much thought until something goes wrong. Poor idle and lean mixture are symptoms of air bypassing the mixture stage either through bad crankcase seals or leaking manifold. If this problem is happening to you it could be time to replace your man..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Got a broken or missing inlet manifold stud on your ATC185 or 200. Replace it with this correct OE Honda stud. Being Honda means they are exactly the right dimensions and tensile strength. Suits ATC185/S 80-83-85, ATC200/E 81-83NOTE, this is the inlet manifold stud, not to be confused with the exhau..
Brand: ATC Heaven
The carb on FL250 models is mounted on a rubber based inlet manifold. After time the rubber can become cracked allowing air to bypass into the cylinderThis translates to rough idle and overly lean burn, if left uncorrected can lead to engine seizure. Get this OE manifold for your FL, we suggest you ..
This is the chromed nut that holds the air cleaner caps together. This is a commonly lost or corroded part on older ATCs. Get this item and make your ATC look like new again. Suits ATC70 73-85, ATC110 83-85, ATC125M 84-85, ATC200E/ES 82-84Also suits C70M 72-73, C70 80-83, CA100 59-62, CA102 62-69, C..
This is the air cleaner cage that supports the air filter element when fitted inside air box. You should always run this cage as it holds the element in the correct orientation for optimum filtration and air flow. Suits ATC70 73-85Also suits CT70 76-82, SL70 1973, XL70 74..
You could have you old air box lids re-chromed, send them away and wait a week for them to come back, fork out $20 ea or more for the job. Here is a much better idea, just get these brand new OE Honda lids and do the job right and for probably half the cost of re-chroming. Suits ATC70 models from 73..
This is the air box hose that connects the carb to the air box. If this tube is torn or a poor fit, engine destroying dirt and grit can bypass the air cleaner and enter the engine.Get this new air box tube for your daily runner or resto project and keep it running.Suits ATC70 73-85..
Be sure to replace the air box lid gaskets at the first sign of wear or damage. These gaskets perform an important function is keep dirt, grit and moisture out of your intake system. Suits ATC70 73-85Also suits CT70 76-82, 91-94, CT70H 70-73, SL70 71-73, XL70 74-76...
This is the through bolt that holds the air box caps together on ATC70 models. It is a difficult to find off the shelf item and is chrome plated just like the original. Get this item to replace your rusted or missing original. Suits ATC70, 73-85.Also suits CT70 75-80 & 91-94, SL70 71-72, XL70 74..
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