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Gas Cap Ventlock, ATC70 | TRX70 | ATC110 | ATC185/S | ATC200
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Brand: ATC Heaven
Replacement Gas cap for models fitted with Vent Lock cap. Knob on top of cap allows fuel to be shut off although why Honda designed this feature when there is a perfectly good fuel tap on the tank/carb escapes us. Suits ATC70 79-85, ATC110 79-82, ATC185/S 80-82, ATC200 81-82. Also suits NA50 79-81, ..
Brand: ATC Heaven
After years of being subjected to fuel spills and general aging the gasket under your gas cap can start to deteriorate allowing fuel to leak past the cap. Certainly one thing you don't want to happen to a freshly painted tank. If your cap has a leaking gasket then this is the cure. Suits Honda FL250..
Brand: ATC Heaven
The chain tensioner damper mounts on top of the cam chain tensioner shaft. Its purpose is to dampen vibrations transmitted from the cam chain. You should consider replacing this part during and engine rebuild as after time the rubber will harden and may break off.Dont risk it, just replace it. Suits..
Chain Slider Lower ATC70  73-85 Chain Slider Lower ATC70  73-85
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Brand: ATC Heaven
Need the lower chain slider for your ATC70, we have you covered. This remade part is now available.The lower chain slider acts to guide the chain and is commonly worn out. Replace your old worn slider now and avoid costly damage in the future. Suits ATC70 from 73-85..
Brand: ATC Heaven
The guide roller bolt locates the guide roller within the cylinder. If you ever wonder what the little hex head bolt was for that goes on the left side of the cylinder now you know. Don't remove it out of curiosity. Although this bolt rarely wears out it is sometimes lost during disassembly and shou..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Be sure to replace your worn, damaged or missing chain slider to prevent expensive damage to your swing arm. Get this item now before it becomes discontinued. Suits ATC250R 85-86...
Brake pedal spring, works to retract the brake pedal after application, if this spring is fatigued or missing brake drag and damage may occur.Suits ATC90 70-78, ATC110 79-82Please note: image shown is not correct for this part...
Axle Nut Front, ATC70, see desc' for others
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Front axle nut with flange 14mm. The axle nut is subject to abuse and damage and should be replaced as required.Hex type castle nut suits ATC70 models from 78-85. Also suits ATC250R 81-82 Front Wheel and Swingarm. ATC200E and 200ES 82-84, ..
Axle Circlip Retainer, ATC250R | ATC350X
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Rear Axle Circlip Retainer, Holds axle circlip in place.Be sure to replace this item whenever it becomes damaged as it performs an important function in securing your axle. Suits ATC250R 85-86, ATC350X 85-86Also suits TRX250R 86-88, TRX250X 87-88 & 91-92, TRX300EX 93-08, TRX450R 04-05, TRX450ER ..
Brand: Honda
This is the felt seal used to prevent contaminants from entering the brake panel. It also holds lubricant that ensures the shaft moves freely.It is located on the inboard side of the brake cam shaft. This is the shaft that operates the brake shoes when the brakes are applied.Suits ATC70 73-74, ATC90..
These mud flaps although not standard issue on 2nd gen ATC70s were offered as an accessory.Now discontinued and extremely hard to find we had these remade from a NOS sample.They are interchangeable so fit either left or right side. This means if you only need one you are not forced to buy a pair.We ..
Here is a nice reproduction Mud Flap for late ATC90 and early ATC110 models. Also can be fitted to ATC185S but are not as long down the side, (ATC185S has 3 side bolts, these have 2). Previously near impossible to find we had these remade. Sold per each but are reversible so if you only need one you..
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