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Remade Parts

This section allows you to search for all Remade and Reproduction  Parts for Honda ATC models

Chain Slider Lower ATC70  73-85 Chain Slider Lower ATC70  73-85
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Brand: ATC Heaven
Need the lower chain slider for your ATC70, we have you covered. This remade part is now available.The lower chain slider acts to guide the chain and is commonly worn out. Replace your old worn slider now and avoid costly damage in the future. Suits ATC70 from 73-85..
Seat Pan ATC90 74-78
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As with any unprotected steel component, the seat pan is susceptible to corrosion, this is accelerated when moisture is allowed into the foam through a split or torn cover. After years of use most seat bases will be rusted beyond repair which makes this item invaluable to the restorer. Just fit and ..
The K0 and K1 US90s will almost certainly need a new seat pan, after years of use and moisture penetration its a sure thing the old pan will be rusted out. This fibreglass reproduction will solve the problem forever, just fit and forgetSuits ATC90 71-73..
Air Scoops (Tank Shrouds) ATC350X
Brand: ATC Heaven
We are proud to offer these Reproduction Air Scoops for the ATC350X, these are top quality reproduction. They are not vac formed but instead they are injection moulded.Injection moulded plastics are far superior to vacuum formed as all the relevant mounting tabs are cast into the product.Additionall..
Seat Pan ATC70 78-85
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NEW, this new design seat pan is streets ahead of our previous offering. Pressed steel construction, steel barbs to attach seat cover, all mounting hardware in place. What more could you want?? Suits ATC70 78-85Suits ATC70 78-85..
Reproduction Seat assy for ATC70, 73-74 models, fits perfectly, straight bolt on. Forget about searching for good used seats that are on their last legs, just get this, fit and forgetSuits ATC70 73-74..
These mud flaps although not standard issue on 2nd gen ATC70s were offered as an accessory.Now discontinued and extremely hard to find we had these remade from a NOS sample.They are interchangeable so fit either left or right side. This means if you only need one you are not forced to buy a pair.We ..
Here is a nice reproduction Mud Flap for late ATC90 and early ATC110 models. Also can be fitted to ATC185S but are not as long down the side, (ATC185S has 3 side bolts, these have 2). Previously near impossible to find we had these remade. Sold per each but are reversible so if you only need one you..
Headlight Switch Mount ATC90
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Headlight Switch Mount. This part is mounted in the top of the ATC headlight and locates the headlight switch. Part is moulded from a NOS part so will replace your old rotted or missing mount rubber perfectly.Suits ATC90 70-78..
Brand: ATC Heaven
This is a small and often forgotten item but it performs an important job in locking the rear fender down to the frame. This reproduced rod is an exact copy of the original. the rod thickness is correct so it fits properly within the frame. It has the correct factory crimps to keep it in place and s..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Chain sliders are a part that just wears out and need to be replaced. But if you considered replacing this item you may have found they are now discontinued.To fix this we had these re-made, same as OE and may possibly outlast your ATC when fitted. Just fit and forget. Suits ATC70 from 78-85..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Almost finished your resto of your K0 or K1 ATC70 but missing the chain slider.Search no more, we had these remade from a NOS sample so you can complete that job and relax. Suits ATC70 from 73-74..
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