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This section allows you to search for all parts relevant to Honda ATC125M 84-85 Models

ATC125M , introduced 1984, ends 1985, Features:

  • Model Code for 84-85 models "968".
  • 4 speed auto clutch transmission High & Low range sub transmission.
  • 22x11x8 tyre, split rim, 4 bolt pattern.
  • Tyre pressure 0.15 kg/cm2 (2.2 PSI ).
  • Length 1675mm, width 980mm, Height 950mm, Weight 126kg.
  • Engine bore 55mm, Stoke 52.2mm, CR 8.8:1 Displacement 124cc.
  • Carb Keihin PB20A, main jet 92.
  • Engine number located below Hi-Lo range selector.
  • Frame number located on steering head stock left side.
  • Engine Oil capacity 1.1 ltr.
  • Fuel tank capacity 7.7ltr,7.2ltr main and .5ltr reserve.
  • CDI Ignition.
  • Plug gap 0.6 - 0.7 mm (24 to 28 thou).
  • Plug NGK DR8ESL.
  • Valve clearance (cold) 0.07mm.

Brand: ATC Heaven
Axle nut spanner is great for removing large ATC axle nuts without damagehas 27mm and 42mm hex to suit most ATC models..
Brand: Wide Open
Anodised aluminium cable adjuster, suits most models with smaller 8mm cable. Alloy construction makes these light weight and resistant to corrosion. Great replacement for chewed out or rusted adjusters..
Hitch Warning Decal TRX125 85-86
In Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
Hitch Warning decal, lists maximum allowable hitch weigh and trailer weight. Suits TRX125 85-86..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Here is a great item to repair or rebuild your existing wiring harness.Coloured cable comes in most popular styles, just pick your colour from drop down box. Cable is 13' long and rated at 14 amps, made in Japan just like your bike..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Hitch Warning decal, lists maximum allowable hitch weigh and trailer weight. Suits ATC125M 84-85..
Seat Cover ATC110 83-85| ATC125M 84-85 Black
Out Of Stock
Get this replacement seat cover for your torn or cracked original. Once moisture is allowed to enter the foam the steel pan will start to rust. Make sure you replace the cover before this starts to happen. Suits ATC110 83-85, ATV125M 84-85..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Here is a nice universal Ignition coil, It works with either points or CDI ignition system, Works on Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.You may need to fabricate a mount bracket but apart from that its plug and play...
This is the Brake arm nut that is used to set adjustment on brake shoesIt is often lost or misplaced and can become siezed making brake adjustment difficult if not impossible.If you don't need one straight away, we suggest you grab one anyway and throw it in your toolbox for later use. Note: can be ..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Replace your missing or worn gear change rubber with this OE itemAfter years of abuse the original rubber can become worn and tornNo need to put up with that, just fit this new rubber and you're away. Suits ATC110 82-85, ATC125M 84-87, ATC185S 82-83, ATC200 82-83, ATC200E/ES 82-84, ATC200M 84-85, AT..
This fuel filter is a variation on our inline filter, has clear body so you can tell its working and features a right angle outlet. Great for fitting in tight spaces where a straight inline filter won't go...
Brand: ATC Heaven
This valve set contains one inlet and one exhaust valve to service your cylinder head. Quite often valves can be bent or worn leading to poor performance and difficult starting. Consider replacing your valve set now. Quality valves made in Japan. Suits ATC125M 86-87, TRX125 87-88Please note, image s..
Petcock Gasket  ATC70 78-85
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
Petcock gasket, this item often contributes to fuel leakage from the fuel tap. This will fit many Honda Applications but in some cases the rivets will need to be removed, threads tapped and screws substituted.It requires advances skills for fitmentSuits ATC70 78-85, TRX70 86-87 plus many other model..
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