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This section allows you to search for all parts relevant to Honda ATC110 79-85 models

ATC110 , introduced 1979, ends 1985, Features:

  • Model Code for 79-85 models "943".
  • 4 speed auto clutch transmission High & Low range sub transmission.
  • 22x11x8 tyre, split rim, 3 bolt 79-81, 4 bolt 82-85.
  • Tyre pressure 0.15 kg/cm2 (2.2 PSI ) 1742mm dia.
  • Length 1600mm, width 950mm, Height 940mm, Weight 107kg.
  • Engine bore 52mm, Stoke 49.5mm, CR 8.2:1 Displacement 105.1cc.
  • Carb Keihin PB20A, main jet #82, slow #35.
  • Engine number located below starter and behind gear change shaft.
  • Frame number located on steering head stock left side.
  • Engine Oil capacity .9 ltr.
  • Fuel tank capacity (79-82) 6.0ltr, (5.1ltr main, .9ltr reserve).
  • Fuel tank capacity (83-85) 6.5ltr, (5.5ltr main, 1.0ltr reserve).
  • Point gap 0.3 - 0.4 mm (12 to 16 thou) CDI 82 on.
  • Plug gap 0.6 - 0.7 mm (24 to 28 thou).
  • Plug NGK D8HS.
  • Valve clearance (cold) 0.05mm.

Gas Cap Ventlock, ATC70 | TRX70 | ATC110 | ATC185/S | ATC200
New Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
Replacement Gas cap for models fitted with Vent Lock cap. Knob on top of cap allows fuel to be shut off although why Honda designed this feature when there is a perfectly good fuel tap on the tank/carb escapes us. Suits ATC70 79-85, ATC110 79-82, ATC185/S 80-82, ATC200 81-82. Also suits NA50 79-81, ..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Petcock gasket, this item often contributes to fuel leakage from the fuel tap. This will fit many Honda Applications but in some cases the rivets will need to be removed, threads tapped and screws substituted.It requires advances skills for fitmentSuits ATC70 78-85, TRX70 86-87 plus many other model..
Brand: ATC Heaven
This is the All Terrain Cycle decal that goes on the front fork lower bridge of ATC models. Suits Christmas Special models with blue plasticsSuits ATC110 83-84..
Seat Pan ATC110 83-85 | ATC125M 84-85
New Email for price Out Of Stock
Coming Soon !!Please note, this item is currently unavailable. We have offered this item in the past however the mould we use to produce this has been damaged after prolonged moulding and de-moulding. We appreciate a lot of customers need this item and apologise that we have been out of stock f..
Get this nice reproduction handbrake cable to make your brakes work again, after time handbrake cables can become siezed and will not allow your brakes to function. or even worse they jam on holding the brakes engaged which robs power and causes advanced brake wear. This remade item will replace you..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Got worn rings on your ATC110, Bore still OK but just needs a freshen up. This will fix it, Get this .25MM oversize ring set to replace your worn existing ringsSuits ATC110 81-85Please note, Image shown is not correct for this part...
Seat Pan ATC110 79-82
New Hot Out Of Stock
This item has long been unavailable from our store but is now back.The pan is constructed from hand laid fibreglass, it will never rust and may even outlast your ATC.However being a fibreglass part means you cannot attach the seat cover in the old way where the metal teeth of the OE pan pierced the ..
This clear inline fuel filter features a brass airstone type element rated at 75 micron, 50mm in length, 25mm diameter at largest point, takes 6mm fuel hose. Great item to keep rust scale and other elements out of your carb, just cut the fuel line and splice in...
Oil Filter / Clutch Nut Spanner
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
This tool is an invaluable aid for oil filter removal on bikes & ATVs, can also be used as a clutch nut removal tool on certain models.Works as a clutch nut on smaller models with automatic clutch and oil filter removal tool on larger models fitted with oil filter elements...
Brand: ATC Heaven
If you are going to replace the front sprocket or service the electrics on your ATC90 or 110 you are going to need this puller, Don't risk damaging your expensive flywheel or stator. Get this tool and do the job right the first time. Suits ATC90 all, ATC110, points models only. Also suits KLT110 KLT..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Before you begin servicing the electrics on your ATC make sure you have one of these flywheel pullers. Can you believe that some people would use a hammer to try and loosen the flywheel. Try that and you are going to end up with an expensive repair bill. Get this tool and do the job right! Suits ATC..
Clymer Workshop manual ATC and TRX 70-125
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
Clymer Workshop manual, covers models ATC and TRX 70-125 from 1970 to 1986. A good all round manual that covers a wide range of smaller displacement model ATCs. Suits ATC70, ATC90, ATC110, ATC125M to 85.Note, either Clymer or Haynes manual may be supplied when ordered...
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