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ATC90 70-73

ATC90 70-73

This section allows you to search for all parts relevant to Honda ATC90 70-73 models

ATC90 (US90), 1st generation introduced 1970, ends 1973, Features:

  • Model Code for 70-73 models "918"
  • 4 speed auto clutch transmission High & Low range sub transmission
  • 22x11x3.5 low pressure tyres, SPWAMULASS (Water,Mud,Land,Sand,Snow)
  • Tyre pressure 0.1 kg/cm2 (1.5 PSI )
  • Length 1570mm, width 970mm, Height 880mm, Weight 93.5kg
  • Engine Bore 50mm, Stoke 45.6mm, CR 7.5:1 Displacement 89.5cc
  • Carb Keihin 556A, main jet #65, slow #35
  • Engine number located below Hi-Lo range selector.
  • Frame number located on steering head stock left side
  • Engine Oil capacity1.0 ltr
  • Fuel tank capacity 6.5ltr. (5.5ltr main, 1.0ltr reserve)
  • Point gap 0.3 - 0.4 mm (12 to 16 thou)
  • Plug gap 0.6 - 0.7 mm (24 to 28 thou)
  • Plug NGK D8HS
  • Valve clearance (cold) 0.05mm

This fuel filter is a variation on our inline filter, has clear body so you can tell its working and features a right angle outlet. Great for fitting in tight spaces where a straight inline filter won't go...
Get this reproduction throttle cable for your ATC90. Has black outer casing.Suits ATC90 74-78Please note, Image shown is not correct for this item..
Brand: ATC Heaven
The chain tensioner damper mounts on top of the cam chain tensioner shaft. Its purpose is to dampen vibrations transmitted from the cam chain. You should consider replacing this part during and engine rebuild as after time the rubber will harden and may break off.Dont risk it, just replace it. Suits..
Fuel Hose 5.5mm GREY (300mm)
Out Of Stock
This is the GREY primary fuel hose used in early ATC70, ATC90 models, 5.5mm ID. Whether you are doing a restoration or just want quality fuel hose this is it. OE Honda, same as originally fitted to your ATC. Sold in 300mm lengthsNote, Image shown is for black hose..
Brand: Wide Open
This is a rubber Hand Brake Lever Tip goes on the end of the brake lever. Fits ATC90 70-78(complete lever shown in pic but part is only end rubber tip)..
The K0 and K1 US90s will almost certainly need a new seat pan, after years of use and moisture penetration its a sure thing the old pan will be rusted out. This fibreglass reproduction will solve the problem forever, just fit and forgetSuits ATC90 71-73..
This clear inline fuel filter features a brass airstone type element rated at 75 micron, 50mm in length, 25mm diameter at largest point, takes 6mm fuel hose. Great item to keep rust scale and other elements out of your carb, just cut the fuel line and splice in...
Brand: ATC Heaven
This tool is an invaluable aid for oil filter removal on bikes & ATVs, can also be used as a clutch nut removal tool on certain models.Works as a clutch nut on smaller models with automatic clutch and oil filter removal tool on larger models fitted with oil filter elements...
Flywheel Puller ATC90 | ATC110
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
If you are going to replace the front sprocket or service the electrics on your ATC90 or 110 you are going to need this puller, Don't risk damaging your expensive flywheel or stator. Get this tool and do the job right the first time. Suits ATC90 all, ATC110, points models only. Also suits KLT110 KLT..
Clymer Workshop manual ATC and TRX 70-125
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
Clymer Workshop manual, covers models ATC and TRX 70-125 from 1970 to 1986. A good all round manual that covers a wide range of smaller displacement model ATCs. Suits ATC70, ATC90, ATC110, ATC125M to 85.Note, either Clymer or Haynes manual may be supplied when ordered...
Tune Up Kit CT70H 70-73 | XL70 74-76
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
Ignition tune up kit, Kit contains Points and Condenser. For Mitsubishi systems fitted to the following. Suits CT70H 70-73, XL70 74-76. Please note, image shown is not correct for this application...
Tune Up Kit CT90 66-75 | CM91 69
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
Ignition tune up kit, Kit contains Points and Condenser. For Kokusan systems fitted to the following. Suits CT90 66-75, CM91 '69. Please note, image shown is not correct for this application...
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