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About Us

Welcome to our New Website

Yes, Welcome to the new site, it is new and improved, more rubust, waterproof, lighter and stronger yet soft. Its all those things and more. To get the most out of the new site we suggest you use the search box.
Sounds simple but one feature that was missing from the old site. Say you have an ATC70 and you want a carb kit, simply type in ATC70 Carb and you will be given a list of the most appropriate results, Want more specifics, say tie it down to one year. Sure, Just put the year, then model then part required. Its like magic but you dont have to pay to see the show. We hope you will find this site much easier to navigate and of course if you have any problems we want to hear about it.


What to find here

If you have arrived at this site you must be looking for something relating to ATCs, which is a good thing, because we are all about ATCs, we offer a wide range of replacement and reproduction parts for all model ATCs so whether you are restoring a classic or just looking for some parts to get your ATC running again there is a fair chance you will find what you need here.

Reproduction Parts

Tired of no longer being able to find parts for your bike, we’re here to help. We have many re-made parts available and constantly adding more. However, having parts re-made is very expensive so we need you support. You may see some part offered for cheap on SheBay but you may also find this seller is gone next week, and you can bet they won’t be making long discontinued parts. We ask you to please support us so we can continue to supply re-made parts which allow you to enjoy your hobby. And on that note, we are pleased to announce we now have re-made exhaust systems to suit 78-85 ATC70.

Why Restore

Many people are into restoring things these days, its a great hobby to get in to because you can get a lot of enjoyment out of bringing something back to its former glory and at the end of it all you will have something that you can be proud of and display to your friends and new friends. But if you have ever contemplated a restoration on a classic car you will realize that you will need an almost endless supply of cash and time before you get anywhere near finished. Thats what makes Motorcycle restoration so appealing, you don’t have to mortgage your house to finance it, it wont take the rest of your life to finish and you only need a small shed or single car garage to work in.