Headstock Nut, ATC70, see desc for more

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Product Description

The original Headstock nut on your ATC70 can become dull, scratched and rusted after only a short period of time, why not replace it now with this factory item. Genuine parts are becoming harder to find so get this now before they are all gone. Suits ATC70 73-85, ATC90 74-78, ATC110 79-85, ATC125M 84-85, ATC185/S 80-83, ATC200E/ES 82-84, ATC200M 84-85, ATC200S 84-86, Z50A 68-78, Z50R 79-99, XL70 74-76, XL75 77-79, XR70R 97-99, XR75 73-78, XL80S 80-85, XR80R 85-87.


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