ATC90 1974 K2

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ATC90 1974 (K2)

Third model ATC90. US90 engine number now gone in favour of ATC90 prefix. Fold away foot rests replaced with fixed units. Fold away head stock dropped. Front fender changed from metal to plastic, rear fender re-styled. Body colour “Daytona Orange” borrowed from K0 ATC70

Engine number ATC90-1300001~

ATC90 , 2nd generation introduced 1974, ends 1978, Features:

Model Code for 74-78 models “942 ”
4 speed auto clutch transmission High & Low range sub transmission
22x11x3.5 low pressure tyres, (1974)
Tyre pressure 0.1 kg/cm2 (1.5 PSI )
Length 1570mm, width 970mm, Height 880mm, Weight 93.5kg
Engine bore 50mm, Stoke 45.6mm, CR 7.5:1 Displacement 89.5cc
Carb Keihin 556A, main jet #65, slow #35.
Engine number located below Hi-Lo range selector.
Frame number located on steering head stock left side
Engine Oil capacity1.0 ltr
Fuel tank capacity 6.5ltr,5.5ltr main and 1.0ltr reserve
Point gap 0.3 – 0.4 mm (12 to 16 thou)
Plug gap 0.6 – 0.7 mm (24 to 28 thou)
Valve clearance (cold) 0.05mm


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