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Woodruff (Flywheel) Key ATC70 | ATC90 | ATC110

Woodruff (Flywheel) Key  ATC70 | ATC90 | ATC110
Woodruff (Flywheel) Key ATC70 | ATC90 | ATC110
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Tags: ATC Heaven

Who would have thought such a small item can cause so much trouble.

A couple of things that lead to the demise of this part is firstly, shearing off in service, and secondly, dissapearing into thin air once the flywheel is removed.

If you don't need one now, chances are you will sometime in the future.

We suggest you grab a spare for the toolbox.

Suits ATC70 all, ATC90 all, ATC110 79-80  (Note, only suits ATC110 with points ignition)

Also suits MR50 74-75, NA50 79-81, Z50A 68-78, Z50R 79-87, C70 80-81, CL70 69-73, CT70 69-82, SL70 71-73, XL70 74-76, XL75 77-79, XR75 73-78, XR80 79-84, XR80R 85-91, XL80S 80-85, EZ90 91-96,

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