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ATC200X 86-87

ATC200X 86-87

This section allows you to search for all parts relevant to Honda ATC200X 86-87 models.

ATC200X, 2nd generation Introduced 1986, ends 1987, Features:

  • Model Code for 86-87 models "HB5".
  • 5 speed manual clutch transmission.
  • 23.5x8x11 low pressure tyre front. 22x11x8 rear.
  • Tyre pressure front 0.23 kg/cm2 (3.3 PSI )1895 mm dia.
  • Tyre pressure rear 0.17 kg/cm2 (2.4 PSI )1745 mm dia.
  • Front fork oil capacity ??.
  • Length?? mm, Width ??mm, Height ??mm.
  • Engine bore 65mm, Stroke 57.8mm. CR 9.6:1 Displacement 191.8cc.
  • Carb Keihin?? ,, main jet ??.
  • Engine number below magneto cover in front of gear shift shaft.
  • Frame number located on steering head stock left side.
  • Engine Oil capacity ??ltr (change) ??ltr (bone dry).
  • Fuel tank capacity ??.(ltr main ltr Reserve).
  • CDI Ignition.
  • Plug gap 24-28 thou (0.6-0.7mm).
  • Plug NGK DR8ESL.
  • Valve clearance (cold) 0.05mm.

Combination Switch Type 2
-42 %
Brand: ATC Heaven
Type 2 Combination switch, replaces OE units on Honda ATC250R 85-86 but can also work on just about any ATC model. Has Light on/off, Hi/Lo Beam and engine stop function. A great replacement at a fraction of the cost.Has 6 pin white plug, bullet terminal single plug (no Headlight plug)Note, some wiri..
$55.00 $95.00
Combination Switch Type 1
-42 %
Brand: ATC Heaven
Here is a nice reproduction Combination switch, replaces OE units on Honda ATC250R 85-86 but can also work on just about any ATC model. Has Light on/off, Hi/Lo Beam and engine stop function. A great replacement at a fraction of the cost. Has 4 pin white plug, bullet terminal single plug and 3 pin he..
$55.00 $95.00
Brand: Wide Open
If you run an "O" Ring # 520 Chain on your ATC then you need this special "O" Ring Master Link. Don't get stranded with a broken link, make sure you have a spare in your toolbox. Suits ATC200X , ATC250R, ATC350X and other models with 520 "O" Ring..
Brand: Wide Open
Front sprockets generally wear out first, consider the front sprocket turns 3 times for every single revolution of the rear and you will understand why. Also the front sprocket is normally hidden from view and easily overlooked during routine service. Get this replacement sprocket now and save expen..
Brand: Wide Open
Front Wheel Bearing replacement kit, Contains bearing and seals to service front axle. Suits ATC110 82-85, ATC125M 84-87, ATC185/S 80-83, ATC200/E 80-83, ATC200M all, ATC200S all, ATC200X all, ATC250R all, ATC250ES/SX all, ATC350X all. YTZ250 85-86...
Brand: Wide Open
Bearing kit to service the rear axle, contains bearings and seals.Consider replacing your rear bearings even if they are not due as the bearings can corrode to the axle and become impossible to remove without destroying the bearing carrier or axle, or both! Suits ATC110 79-85, ATC125M 84-87, ATC185/..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Year decals are fitted to most model Honda ATCs.Add the final touch to your restoration by fitting one of these specific to your model.Please select your model from the drop down box..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Warning Decal, not an actual factory decal, replaces embossed warning on OE fender.Get this nice reproduction to complete your restoration. Suits ATC200X '86..
Brand: ATC Heaven
If you are lucky enough to own a rare 87 200X then you will need these tank decals. True colours and correct design make these a must have item for the serious enthusiast.Suits ATC200X '87..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Reproduction tank decals for the 2nd gen 86 ATC200X, get these quality decals to bring new life to your old bike. Suits ATC200X '86..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Get this stencil to replicate the Honda name on the rear of your seat. Ads the finishing touch to your restoration. Designed for the larger ATC Models such as 185S, 200X, 250R, 350X but can be used on other models with similar size lettering. Lettering measures approx 160mm long by 19mm high...
Brand: ATC Heaven
Recreate the original lettering on your seat with these nifty stencils Just apply to the seat side, mask up for overspray and paint over with vinyl colour spray of your choice. Suits ATC200X 86, ATC350X 86. These are similar to SS-HA2-86 but slightly smaller, Sold as a pair..
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