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ATC70 73-74

ATC70 73-74

This section allows you to search for all parts relevant to Honda ATC70 73-74 models.

ATC70, 1st generation introduced 1973, ends 1974, Features:

  • Model Code for 73-74 models "937".
  • 3 speed auto clutch transmission.
  • 16x8x7 low pressure tyres, SPWAMULASS (Water,Mud,Land,Sand,Snow).
  • Tyre pressure 0.2 kg/cm2 (3.0 PSI )circ 50"-52" @3psi.
  • Length 1300mm, width 800mm, Height 785mm, Weight 74kg.
  • Engine Bore 47mm, Stoke 41.4mm, CR 7.5:1 Displacement 72cc.
  • Carb Keihin 695A, main jet #60, slow #35.
  • Engine number located below starter and behind gear change shaft.
  • Frame number located on steering head stock left side.
  • Engine Oil capacity .8 ltr.
  • Fuel tank capacity 2.5ltr. (2.0ltr main, .5ltr reserve).
  • Point gap 0.3 - 0.4 mm (12 to 16 thou).
  • Plug gap 0.6 - 0.7 mm (24 to 28 thou).
  • Plug NGK C7HS.
  • Valve clearance (cold) 0.05mm.

Brand: ATC Heaven
This is the starter ratchet fitted to the ATC70 starters. These items rarely wear out but somehow seem to dissapear for no real reason. If you are having problems with these jumping out of the starter spool check to see if you spool ramps are worn as these ratchets are hard steel and almost never we..
Brand: ATC Heaven
The stator plate on the ATC70 can, at times be very difficult to removeThe sticking point is the screws that retain the plate to the inner casing. Most often these screws will be damaged in the process and should be replaced. You might think you can re-use the old ones 'cos you're never going to do ..
Brand: ATC Heaven
This is the seat mount rubber that goes between the seat and frame. be sure to replace this item when work as it contributes to seat alignment. Suits ATC70 73-74Also suits SL70 71-73, XL70 74-76, XL80S 81-85, XR75 73-78, XR80 79-84,..
Brand: ATC Heaven
This is the steering head nut that fastens the front forks in to the frame. Regular maintenance calls for the steering head bearings to be lubricated and this item should be replaced at the same time if corroded or damaged. Correct for 78-85 model ATC70 but also can be used on 73-74. Suits ATC70 78-..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Need an new starter handle for your ATC but don't need OE pricing, this is it. Get this reproduction starter handle and get started. suits ATC70 all, ATC90 all (not US90 model) and ATC110 79-82.Note, item is similar to image shown but not exact...
Brand: ATC Heaven
Need an exact starter handle for your ATC, this is it. OE Honda handle, suits ATC70 all, ATC90 all (not US90 model) and ATC110 79-82...
Brand: ATC Heaven
If you have problems with continually breaking your starter rope then this may be the answer. Virtually unbreakable, made from wire cable similar to handbrake inner cable and coated with plastic. Good for high compression and modified engines...
Brand: ATC Heaven
One item that can spoil your whole day is a broken recoil starter rope. Grab one of these and chuck it in your toolbox even if you don't need it now. Suits ATC70, ATC90, ATC110, ATC125M all..
Recoil Starter Pulley, ATC70
Out Of Stock
Brand: ATC Heaven
If your old recoil pulley is on its last legs then here is what you have been searching for. After time the old pulley starts to wear out the ratchet ramps causing the ratchets to fall out. If this has happened to your ATC just get this pulley and your back in business. Suits ATC70 73-85..
Brand: ATC Heaven
This is the starter cage bolted to the flywheel on ATC70 models. After time these units become worn due to sticking starter pawls and make it difficult to start the ATC. Simple solution, just bolt one of these on and problem solved. Suits ATC70 73-85.Replaces OE part number 28430-937-004..
Brand: ATC Heaven
This is the correct screw used to fasten the Recoil start to the side case on ATC70 models, screw measures 6 x 12mm and has pan head, can be used in other locations such as rear cover plate etc. Suits ATC70 73-85, ATC90 70-78, ATC110 79-85, ATC125M 84-87, ATC185/S 80-83, ATC200 81-83, ATC200S 84-86,..
Brand: ATC Heaven
Aftermarket Red Reflector. Fine if you are not too worried about originality and much less expensive the OE. Has black plastic backing and reflector section measures 55mm...
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