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About Decals

A word on Decals

Rule #1:  All decals are not created equal

Rule #2:  You really get what you pay for

We really pride ourselves on the quality of our decals, there are inherent costs involved in producing a first class product that just can’t be negated.

There are a lot of sellers out there offering decals for what seem like too good to be true pricing, “refer to rule #2”
You have to ask yourself how come there is such a price variance. here are a few points to consider.

Is the guy supplying your decals doing these on the side while the boss is not looking.

Do they take the time to re-draw every single decal to end up with a quality reproduction

Do they hold the OE decals to work from or are they just copying a copy

What I do:

I take every single decal, scan and re-draw it, this can take some hours to achieve but I do it to arrive at an end product that is of the highest quality.

Why would you want to re-draw an original decal I hear you ask, why not just scan and print it??
Well, the answer is simple, the original decals can have defects in them which at first glance may not be obvious. Most Honda decals were originally screen printed, in this process you can get a problem with poor registration, that is the elements of the decal will not line up properly. Its an inherent problem associated with screen printing. When you take the time to re-draw your decals you eliminate this problem.

Costs involved “refer to rule #2”

I use a high quality Roland Versa Camm Printer, these printers cost upward of $30,000. Not cheap, plus they require regular servicing. Our machine gets serviced every 6 months at a cost of $600 per service. It runs 4 ink cartridges which cost approx $150 ea, it has 2 print heads which will need to be replaced during the life of the printer at a cost of approx $2k ea. Quality vinyl costs approx $20 per metre, a metre goes a fair way but there is a high proportion of waste as the printer does not print up to the edge and requires expendable leading and trailing vinyl for every print job. Plus for every print job I do I use a corresponding piece of clear vinyl to laminate the job.
Every print I do is with maximum ink at maximum resolution, this uses a lot more ink than would normally be required but it gives a better end result with greater depth. It also causes problems with inks tending to meld together creating blurred lines. To alleviate this problem I slow the print head right down to allow the inks to set . This can mean a print job can take up to an hour to complete, I then hang the printed article up to air dry for 24 hours before finally laminating and cutting. refer rule #1 and rule #2

You get what you pay for. I might have already mentioned this but it is a fact. There are a few other guys making quality decals out there but not many, and you can bet they are not selling their product for $7.99.
If you don’t want to buy my product I will gladly refer you to some other quality operators.

If you want decal for $7.99 I can make them, what you will get will be a cheap grade vinyl, no lamination, low ink saturation and quick print run. I don’t like to make decals like this but if that’s what you really want then who am I to argue.

In Summary

You just cant have it both ways, either you want quality decals or you want cheap pricing. I would rather you buy from me because at the end of the day our profits go back in to more and varied products plus remanufacturing parts that are no longer available which can be an expensive excercise.
Sure, we are are a business and we have to make a profit to survive but we hope you can see the advantage of supporting us. we have been operating for over seven years, we hope you will go with us as opposed to buying off someone who may not be there next week.